By on February 28, 2013
Dark indulgence.

I’m a chocolate addict. I think I’d be considered a glutton when it comes to eating chocolates. I could easily forgo buffet meals, ice cream, and other sumptuous food for chocolates. I would even qualify as a shopaholic for chocolates than for clothes.

But since I find it hard to fast this Lenten season, I dared myself to fast on chocolate instead. It was a challenge, really, a struggle if you may. But fasting on food is similar to just starving myself and then “making up” the following day. So in order for me to really feel the sense of self-denial, I promised to forgo eating chocolates since Ash Wednesday.

So, for two weeks now, I am guilt-free.

I just visited a duty-free shop the other week and still shopped for few pieces of chocolates. Every morning I would see the chocolate packs on top of my fridge as if tempting me to take a bite. But I keep on ignoring it, thinking I would save it for the Easter celebration. The sense of fasting this Lent encourages me to overcome the temptation and be victorious about the struggle.

I think fasting shouldn’t be something that is dictated upon us. You value fasting more if it is your personal choice, and executed in a way that you have initiated yourself. So do skip meals if you don’t feel like doing it.

Why not skip your friends’ drinking spree for a while (just for 40 days)? Why not stop smoking (or try quitting altogether)? Why not refrain from taking back to your parents (if that’s what you do most of the time)? Why not stop gossiping, etc.?

No matter how shallow or measly your fasting or self-denial this Lent could be, if it is offered to share in the observance of Lent, it would be meaningful. Just stay guilt-free, ok? (Avocado Shake) 

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