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    Because we still laugh a lot: Joy in Service

    “Who said anything about sleeping?” Hahaha, this became an inside joke on the Papal Visit Coverage team. Okay, things were so overload during #PapalVi...

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    Be Surprised

    When I was first asked to volunteer for the Papal Visit media team, I didn’t know what to expect, except I just wanted to be involved. This was a once...

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    Even us, Lolo Kiko!

    On November 23, 2014, we had our usual guesting stint for our radio program at Radio Maria Philippines. Our guest then was Alex Chapeleau, the Communi...

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    Shedding light on a doubtful heart.

    #PapalVisitPh has gone viral. Everywhere you look you see posters; in the news, it feels like a 24-hour coverage of his visit. Everyone is talking abo...

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    This is What Joy Looks Like

    “That grin.” “One glimpse of that smile and I forgot all my exhaustion.” There is this certain energy and exuberance in the air whenever Pope Francis ...

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My dirty room: Lessons from the Pope’s visit

Before Pope Francis’ trip to Philippines, I was hoping to be blessed and break away from my mediocrity and lack of personal and spiritual growth. I hurriedly ransacked my room for all the clothes I would wear, and other things that I would need while living at the General Media Headquarters for the papal visit….