3 secrets to finding your purpose

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What are you meant to do? What is it that you want to do for life? These are big questions that a young person needs to answer eventually. Have you made up your mind?

Fr. Gihan Goonetilleke from Sri Lanka, who is also attending the World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow, shared how he found his way to his life’s passion during a WYD 19 years ago.

“I wanted to enter the seminary at the age of 14, but my father died through an accident, at that time I kept my idea,” he said.

Berna, Mike, and Fr. Gihan (Photo: Shirley Paynor)

The idea still lingered in his heart even as he worked as an accountant. Things changed when he attended the WYD in Paris, France in 1997. “During the WYD… we had a vigil service and they asked us to write to Jesus. I wrote that one day I will become a priest and wanted to give my life as a Jubilee gift.”

Fr. Gihan told me about 3 secrets to finding your life’s purpose:

  • Reading the Bible daily
    “At the age of 14, I started reading the Bible daily.” One can get to know a person by reading about him or by listening to people’s personal experiences and stories about the person. If you want to know Jesus, you must read the Bible. He is the Word that became flesh, he told me.
  • Praying the Rosary
    “Everyday, we say the rosary. My sister became a sister last 2004 and [in] 2007, I became a priest.” The rosary through Jesus and Mary offers us many graces. The fruits of praying the rosary can be realized now or in the future.
  • Receiving the Eucharist
    “Mercy is like food for the people and the bread that we need.” According to him this is his secret, to attend Sunday Mass and if possible, the daily Masses. We can always receive wisdom and direction from the One who knows better than us. He is so generous and merciful. He will always give it.

Have you discovered your life mission? Practice these 3 secrets and you’ll be amazed.

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Mike Laxina, a guitarist, accountant, and a missionary. He is also a member of CFC – Singles for Christ. 

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