4S’s for a Solid Lent

Just what is it that people do during Lent, aside from watch The Passion on television?

(Credit:  jezobeljones)

(Credit: jezobeljones)

Here are some possible practical points for the 4 S’s during Lent:

  • Silence – (1) Set a daily ‘quiet gift space’ with God; (2) Live ‘few second pauses’ in between activities to silently say ‘Thank you Jesus; (3) Set ‘pondering moments’ to glance at a family photo and say a prayer for them; (4) Listen, pray and then share during conversations.
  • Sacrifice – (1) Make a list of simple, constant and hidden sacrifices; (2) Complain, criticize, compare less every day; (3) Patch up failed moments with a ‘sorry Jesus’ rather than to be disappointed or sad; (4) Cheerfully give up some comfort or spend a little less in something daily.
  • Sacraments – (1) Set a day for confession before Easter; (2) Bring to prayer where we can still be more refined in our love for God and neighbor; (3) Consider what part of the Mass we can live better and share.
  • Souls – (1) Have a positive thought or gesture for every one we meet; (2) Smile, share and serve more; (3) Help others to prepare for a good Confession; (4) Prepare our family to offer the Holy Week services for concrete intentions (i.e. Pope Francis, world peace, family needs, etc.)







Fr. Francis Ongkingco is a columnist for CBCP News and is an ordained priest serving the Opus Dei. 

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