Are you a ‘fig tree’ person? Be one.


A person under the fig tree.
This is a symbol of someone praying and meditating on the Word of God. It’s those moments we spend our time with God in silence, contemplation, and discernment.

In our Gospel today, when Nathanael asked Jesus, “How do know me?”
He was surprised by Jesus’ answer, “I saw you under the fig tree.”


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The candid reply of Jesus was a validation that God sees us everywhere, especially when we are in prayer. God knows our thoughts. He knows everything about us, especially our struggles, hopes, and aspirations. Somehow, it consoles us to know that God sees us in our prayer. That we are not alone, and He listens to us.


I share with you some reflection questions you can ask yourselves:

Where is my fig tree?
How frequent do I pray, meditate and reflect on the Words of God? How long do I pray?
Do I have a regular ME AND MY GOD MOMENTS?

Prayerful people are FIG TREE PEOPLE. God knows them well because of their constant conversation with Him. I will not be surprised if their prayers are frequently answered. I will not be surprised if they are guided, enlightened, and consoled by God. For their prayers are constantly echoing down the halls and corridors of heaven.



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