Befriending Sadness

Yesterday was the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and today is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Why celebrate these feasts? If the cross brings pain and sadness – sorrow, why should we exalt the cross?

Primarily because: The cross we are avoiding, is in the end the source of our salvation and happiness.

When Jesus embraced and died on the cross, he wanted us to learn something: There’s something beautiful in the cross. Don’t run away from it. Discover it. Unfortunately, the only way to discover the wisdom of the cross is by loving, embracing, and carrying it daily.

Credit: brandan97

Credit: brandan97

When I saw the latest Pixar’s animation movie, Inside Out, I was touched and got teary-eyed while watching. The movie was all about our feelings, how they interact and affect Riley’s behaviour (the main character).

In the movie, Joy, the dominant feeling, tried to control all the rest of the feelings, like Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. Joy even tried to isolate Sadness for her tendency to touch the core values (family, friends, honesty, spontaneity, etc) and “infect” them. But later, Joy discovered that Sadness has a very crucial role in the unity, recovery, and growth of Riley’s family.

In its climax, I was struck when Joy finally allowed Sadness to take full control of Riley’s feelings. Joy allowed Riley to experience sadness. And it was in Riley’s saddest moment that she recognized the importance of her parents. Thanks to Sadness., somehow the movie stressed the special role of sadness in our life. That sadness has its own mysterious wisdom and role in our life.

In other words, we need to befriend and embrace our own sadness, sacrifices, and failures. For they can bring us closer to God and to one another. With our positive attitude and desire to embrace our daily cross, our moments of sadness could lead us closer to God and others and could lead us towards happiness and fulfillment in life. (Pitik-Bulag, Fr. Wilfredo Samson)

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