How much love do you get?

Being on the receiving end of love most of my life, I rarely thought about the sacrifices my parents and loved ones made for me. I know that God loves me through my family and friends, and I do my be...
Graphic by Gianne Martinez

WYD focuses on Mercy: who is Mercy?

Mercy is open to everybody! Despite every sin that we, people make, the Lord will forgive us and embrace us with His undying love. Pope Francis wants the youth to understand that the Lord will never ...
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What has become us, FIlipinos?

Media plays a great role in the life of Filipinos. Catholicism is basically the life of many. Women are important in our society - have we forgotten? With the trends now, its like we don't value thes...

When Election Strikes!

Every vote counts, yours and mine, because this vote represents me. A symbol of my trust to that candidate’s capabilities and willingness to serve the country with pride and dignity.

Why do you work?

Celebration of Labor Day is honoring all the workers from all walks of life for all the sacrifices they made, for the love and sacrifices they put into their work for their loved ones.
#CleanVotePH Voters' Forum last April 16, brought to you by the Knights of Columbus, Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, YouthPinoy, Areopagus Communications and San Sebastian Graduate School of Law.

Find God in your Good Vote!

You and I can discern so much as we practice our right for suffrage, but at the end of the day, we must entrust our votes to God. May our votes be the right vote, and that we invoke His mercy if we c...
Graphics by: Rai Vidanez

Guidebook to a Joyful Love: 2016 Version

Family is the most precious gift that God has given us. Even if we encounter different problems with our family, at the end of the day, family will be your number one companion and your guidance in e...
Graphics by: Chrisia Alviar

“Altruism: Complete love”

Perhaps the most essential kind of love is unconditional. It’s about sharing, caring, and comforting – regardless of the situation. This affection is the most grounded and most genuine of all adorati...