Listen to Him!

How long will people go on ignoring and disobeying God, and further inflict irreparable damage to ourselves and to the world?

Sand and Pebbles in Heaven

The Lord invites us to entrust ourselves completely to our heavenly Father, secure in His loving providence. He wants us to enjoy peace and happiness in life.

Rejoice…Despite Everything!

3rd Sunday of Advent December 11,2016   Rejoice…Despite Everything! Mt 11: 2 – 11   A few years back, I had my first angioplasty. In the operating room, the surgeon greeted me, “Hello, Father. ...

Gratitude is “Great Attitude”

God’s love for us is unconditional, infinite and universal. During the public ministry of Jesus, he made it a point to show that He has come to offer salvation to all people, regardless of creed, gen...