We will Rise!

WE WILL RISE! A Youthpinoy Easter Message.


Today, as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus, we remember His promises.

We remember that He indeed rose up from the dead, conquered death and that from darkness He came to light. This is a promise of hope and hope never fails.

As we commemorated Holy week, we journeyed and remembered Jesus’ sufferings. We also recollected our own sufferings, failures and sins.

But just as Jesus’ suffering did not end there, ours will not end there either. Because today, we celebrate and proclaim His resurrection – His victory, rising up from sufferings, rising up from death.

In our life, through our Savior Lord Jesus Christ we will rise!

Even from the greatest failures and darkest sin – we will rise! Because Jesus showed us how to overcome, how to hope, how to live again. We hold that promise. A promise of hope. That we will again rise.

Yearly we are reminded, for it gives us new dreams and new hope. It gives us new beginnings. And as we rise up with God, we are called to continue, to hold dear on to His promises.

Therefore be hopeful, bring light and bring hope to the hopeless. For hope fulfills! Hope reveals! And we, as online missionaries continue to spread that hope to the world, through social media.

We continue to spread Christ’s humanity and divinity, telling His story, proclaiming His victory online! Reaching out to the unchurched, to every millennial, and to the young people of today. We will not give up, for our God never gave up on us!

Mother Mary, bring us to the light of hope, that is Jesus.

President, YouthPinoy
April 16, 2017

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