Fellow Filipinos: Get Up, Let us Go!

The #PiliPinas2016 turned out different-unexpected, but somehow significant for me. I never thought that I would be mentally, emotionally and more importantly spiritually involved. And perhaps it wasn’t just me, it was everyone, every Filipino out there.

Registered voter or not, everybody was vocal about their political beliefs and eager to root for their candidate. I have witnessed friends turn against each other and rallies of harshly composed tweets online. And this made me really sad. But through it and the realization that my fellow citizens are very much immersed in the election, I grew more concerned on how we, the youth of this generation, discerned to know more about our candidates.

We often speak out of our thirst for growth, for improvement – for change. Honestly, there are many aspects of our country that require progress. And I understand that most of us are disappointed on how immediate concerns – or any concerns for that matter – are being addressed by the present administration.

But, maybe we shouldn’t focus too much on the negative stuff. I believe there are good results and development brought about by this administration and somehow we’re not being fair enough cause we don’t even make efforts to be aware of those. Change begins from within. Let us not be hasty to clamor for results and appreciate that progress happens slowly.

Photo by: Roi Lagarde

Photo by: Roi Lagarde

After casting my vote this morning, I felt happy too. This national event brought the worst but also the best in everyone. I have seen the eagerness of Filipinos especially the young to exercise their right to vote. They have made their love for the country concrete by falling in line, enduring the heat and inconvenience, and spending time and effort to actively participate. I hope and pray that this won’t stop here. Voting is just the beginning. We must step forward and be part of every solution. Just like what Abp Villegas said, “Get up, let us go.”

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