Flat Tires

Who would’ve know a flat tire on a skyway will lead to a reflection about ‘Flat Tires’ in life? Indeed for everything that happens, there is a reason.

We were on our way to Laguna for a team building. After passing through the skyway toll gate, we all got bothered when the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

The driver looked in the side mirror and confirmed that it was indeed a flat tire. While waiting for highway patrol to arrive, we all had to endure the scorching heat, use a poorly inflated spare tire and tell our friends that we are coming in late. We decided to assure a smooth drive and drop by a nearby vulcanizing shop to have the flat and the spare tire fixed before hitting the road again.


Just like the vehicle, we also encounter circumstances in our lives that we can consider ‘flat tires’ as well. It can be a financial crisis, being jobless or coping with loss – anything that can make us feel stranded. In response to these situations, we try to fix or replace the tire on our own and it’s really not easy.

Then eventually help will also come by. To give you a lift so you can be confident again, give you some shade so you  won’t feel the heat so much, give you guidance until you can find a better place and help you fix your tires easier. They might not arrive on time, but you we must keep believing the Good Samaritan in everyone.

This experience has taught me that a flat tire can be brokenness that needs a different attention. You need to vulcanize it, to heal it. And the best way to go about it is to surrender and submit yourself to the mechanic so He can fix you – so you can be confident travelling the long journey again.

Driving along the road of life is not easy but it’s important so you can reach out to other people. We might encounter heavy traffic, miss a turn or even get stranded but we know that we have to reach our destination.

So if you’re currently stranded because of a flat tire, pray and ask the Lord, the Merciful Mechanic, to fix you. And eventually you will keep moving forward again.

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