Gearing up for WYD

This March 2016, various groups of youth and young professionals representing different media organizations gathered to prepare in the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD).

They are just a few portion in the millions of youth all around the world who are determined and excited to be part of this event. The WYD is an international gathering of the youth that started way back in 1984; where over 300,000 young people responded to the Great Saint Pope John Paul II’s invitation for an International Jubilee of youth.

With much joy and success, after this gathering, the Pope announced on December 20, 1985 the institution of the first WYD (which was held in 1986.)

This global gathering takes place every three (3) years, and as the time passes the innovations and excitement awaiting the faithful also triple! This year, in the WYD 2016 the Land of Mercy awaits the global community of the young.

And in this place are special memories of prominent people, because it is the hometown of the Great Pope John Paul II and saints like Maximillian Kolbe and Sr. Faustina of Kowalska – this great land is Poland.


Four (4) months away from the most awaited event of every youth today, the different media groups had their early Recollection and Planning in Monte Vista, Tagaytay.

The Recollection was led by Bro. Jose Eduardo Mayo. The OFM Capuchin Brother emphasized to the group that their journey to Poland will be through the grace and mercy of the Father.

He also shared that they should know “what is truly important in life: the fullness of life that gives you purpose and meaning.” Without this in mind, the journey will not be something that poses significance or adds value to one’s life.

The process of this journey will entail the youth to embrace inconveniences, with the willingness to give up the comforts of one’s life for things that are more of value.


The Areopagus WYD Coverage Team Photo by: Johann Mangusad

The Cross and Calvary – the “greatest sign of giving up every convenience for something utterly valuable is manifested” will surely be one of the core values the team encounters.

Truly, the journey to Poland will not be all excitement. Different challenges will be encountered wherein one’s resources will be drained, from spiritual needs, physical needs and even financial needs.

But what’s important is that the journey will be taken with a joyful heart, wherein the suffering experienced is shared with Jesus Christ, thus brings purpose and deepening of one’s faith.

The WYD experience will surely stretch the youth, not only with its long walks, difficulty of understanding one’s language, cultural barriers and so forth, but will also challenge the youth of today to share this experience to others.

This call for every young people of today to show the true mercy of God to the poor, embracing each ‘inconveniences’ just to give them the things that they deserve, will just be one of the many things each youth can do.

For the media group preparing for WYD, they are committed to also share this encounter to the world, most especially to the youth who will be part of this experience. (Written by: Berna Manipon)

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