God Used a Vendo Machine to Teach Me about Grace

It was just a typical day at the office and I was really thirsty. Little did I know, God was planning to teach me something about receiving grace.

I rushed to the vendo machine and dropped my coins in the coin slot.

I chose a soda drink, but I wondered why the drink wasn’t pouring out. It turned out it wasn’t available.

Lesson number one, sometimes, we pray or ask God for some things that just aren’t right for us. We need to be realistic in our prayers and stop pray for flying cows.

I was still thirsty, so I chose another drink and it was an available option this time. I saw the drink pouring out but I didn’t see any cup receiving the flow. Little did I know that it was a company policy to bring your own cup when using the vendo machine.

Lesson number two, we need to be prepared, open and willing. God is willing to shower us with graces and blessings, but we need to want to receive them. We develop this through prayer, going to mass, the sacraments and forming a deeper relationship with Him. We also need to be always prepared to carry our Cross as we follow Him.

I was irritated by the vendo machine but at the back of my mind I was challenged. I felt God was telling me, “Do you really want to quench your thirst, Anne? Do you really want to receive all of the bountiful graces and blessings I want to give to you?”

[Photo credit: corbis.com]

[Photo credit: corbis.com]

So I dropped more coins this time and still selected the same drink. I put in a cup to receive the drink from the vendo machine. The drink poured in but it barely filled my cup. I saw that in rushing to put my cup inside, I didn’t put the cup properly and the drink e was spilled.

Lesson number three, God is so great He wants to grant us blessings and graces, but we only receive a few of them because we don’t put God at the center of our lives. When trials and temptations come, we become weak and cave in. This is why we need to empty ourselves of all our attachments in this world, so we could be filled with Christ and His grace.

This time, after learning my three lessons in receiving graces and blessings, I happily put my cup inside properly and put in my coins in the coin slot. I received my drink and drank it like honey from nectar. It quenched my physical thirst and the one in my soul. I smiled and whispered a short prayer of thanksgiving to God for teaching me a thing or two about grace. I may have “wasted” a couple of coins in trying to acquire my drink, but the lessons I learned were priceless.

This time, I can honestly say to God “Lord, I am ready for You to quench my thirst. I am ready to always carry my cross. Please help me detach myself from all wordly desires. Lord, empty me of “me”, so I may be filled by You.Thank You, Lord, for Your most abundant grace”.


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2 thoughts on “God Used a Vendo Machine to Teach Me about Grace

  1. “Lord, empty me of “me”, so I may be filled by You.”
    That line, it struck me. I was with you until the last period, was really drawn by the simplicity of this one. Thank you. I’ve learned a lot.

    Looking forward for more articles 🙂 write more, and I, I will share it for greater audience.

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