Guidebook to a Joyful Love: 2016 Version

Love, a four letter word with so many complex meaning – it makes this world go round.

“The Joy of Love” or Amoris Laetitia is a post-synodal apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis, it talks about the love existing in the smallest part of the society, our families.

Starting off with the “parentals,” the mere reason why we exist in this world.

Marriage combines the couple physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Two different things can become as one, resulting to a “flesh” that represents their love. A flesh that has a life to be taken care of.

As I go on with the text, it’s like I’m reading a guidebook for my future, because we all know that eventually, all of us will be old and cranky. But before our backs crunch, we will have our own families that we will treasure and that would love us so much.

Graphics by: Rai Vidanez

Graphics by: Rai Vidanez

“I thank God that many families, which are far from considering themselves perfect – live in love, fulfulling their calling, and keep moving forward; even if they fall many times along the way,” a quote by Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia.

I believe that our own families are chosen by God to live with us because we, as human beings, need love and protection. Protection given by people who consider us as a companion not only by blood but also by heart.

God strictly chose these people for us to be stronger and live harmoniously so that we can face the challenges that the world offers.

I have also realized that marriage is such a blessing and honor for two people who love each other because they will be binded in front of our Father.

Family is the most precious gift that God has given us. Even if we encounter different problems with our family, at the end of the day, family will be your number one companion and your guidance in every step that you are going to make. (Written by: Rai Vidanes, Letran Manila – Communication Arts)

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