How alive is Jesus to you?

(Photo: CBCPNews)

(Photo: CBCPNews)

It was an ordinary afternoon.

While I was waiting for my mom to finish her duties as an ophthalmologist, I went to the older chapel of the Philippine Heart Center hospital to do a bit of spiritual reading. As I genuflected towards the tabernacle, I noticed a lady awkwardly positioned on one of the pews.

I realized she wasn’t really praying but watching videos on YouTube (at least, with earphones on). At some points, she would even shut her eyes and lay her head down as if trying to sleep in the dark, cold chapel. It reminded me of the times when I, too, lacked reverence for the King of Kings in His own house.

The dying Presence of God is the lack of faith. Man no longer recognizes his Creator. Thinking only of himself, he forgets Him and what He has done for us. Man has become a casual diner in the cafeteria of faith, who takes only what he likes to believe in and discards the rest.

I was saddened to see this act of complete disrespect, and I do see it everyday. When we encounter a person like the lady I saw that day, let us not get too scrupulous or self-righteous. We cannot blame the person if he or she was misinformed or not informed at all. Instead, approach with confidence and correct them gently, in the same way you would your mother, father, or sibling – with love.

I realize the lack of love for our Lord as seen in the few people who genuflect before the tabernacle or bow before a publicly exposed Crucifix can only be healed by the sincere prayer of those who believe. Prayer, this is the first thing we must do!

The misunderstanding of the smallest things, gestures, and acts done in the Mass is so widespread today, but slowly I’m assured that the proper posture of heart when participating in the Holy Mass will return to us, and that the dying presence of God will be restored once again.

Adoremus in aeternum, Sanctissimum Sacramentum! (“Let us adore the Most Holy Sacrament in eternity.”)


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