How concerned should we be toward our friends?

Ihave been with two close friends recently who are passing through their own “spiritual nights”, which I am not at liberty to write about in detail. I am wondering though as my examination of conscience: “How concerned should I be toward my friends?”

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Just a few minutes ago, I read a CBCP News report Abp. Socrates Villegas’ Palm Sunday homily, “Stewardship does not wait for surplus.” And while being with these friends, at possibly the worst moment of their lives, I keep on asking myself: “Yes, I’m a friend to them.. but until when should I be concerned and not to cross the line between being a friend and being nosy? I have my own problems as well.”

I remember the line I keep on telling these two friends whenever they would apologize for being “excess baggage” to me whenever I spend time with the: “Let’s just keep on believing that I am just being the Joseph of Arimathea to you. I am here to help you carry your Cross. I know I am not any better than you as a person, but as a friend, I am here to help in any possible way I can.”

And so, to whom it may concern? This “concern” concerns mankind being too much concerned with what lies beyond and not concerned enough with the present moment. I realize, we are being reminded that a Christ-centered life is not a romance with crosses and sufferings alone, but a process of overcoming our life’s crosses, the perichoresis of Christ’s Resurrection to and through the faithful. This concern concerns you, me and each and every struggling faithful.

A Meaningful Holy Week to all of us!

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