How prepared is prepared?

Prepared ka ba? I ask myself this question so many times, usually right at the last moment. Interview. Taking care of a new car. Asking a person for forgiveness. Donating blood. Did I plan things right? What if the worst case scenario happens? A simple experience taught me just how much God takes care of me in every way.

This sense of legs-flapping-frantically-in-the-air became even more pronounced when  my parents bought a car that I would personally take care of. Pano ba mag check ng coolant level? What are the tires’ PSI? What should I do if I run out of gas in the middle of a zombie attack?

One day, my dad gave me a small notebook with a 4-page long list of items he put in my car trunk “in case of emergency”. It included things like:

1) utensils

2) an umbrella

3) a car jack

4) a carabiner (for rappelling)

5) an axe

6) a 30-ft long rope

7) adult diapers

8) P500

9) water

10) a change of clothes

11) a spare tire

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Tinitigan ko lang ‘yung mga items to see that a father’s love is a love that over prepares. It anticipates needs, it provides solutions even for the problems that only exist in our minds and insecurities. It extends itself even into the hazy and unseen future. Imagine, there was even an axe for the zombies!

I realize, my dad’s love for me is an earthly reflection of how God loves me. Even before I was born, He had gone before me, walking with me in all my challenges, all my pains and suffering. Pinaghandaan na Niya ang lahat ng mga araw ko at hinawakan na Niya ang bawat segundo ng buhay ko sa Kanyang mga palad. Mahal ako ng Diyos ko, ng Tatay ko. At dahil Sa kanya, lagi akong prepared.

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