Jesus, Happiness and True Love

In our interview with Sarah Swafford, she shared about her book Emotional Virtues (see our review about it); other parts comprised of talks on relationship, family, mission and God.

Along the conversation each of us enjoyed company, learned a lot, got pumped about serving even more, but I found myself dwelling on the things that struck most, Sarah Swafford answered through simple and ultimately beautiful truths that most of us always forget.

Jesus, Happiness and True Love: How our interview with Sarah made me realize things..

(1)“Love is sacrifice, love is putting yourself last, it’s not always what you want, it’s not always feeling great. Did the Cross feel good? No. But that was the ultimate act of love, it was an act of sacrifice” (16:30 in the video)

I always believed and said “yes God, I know You love me, like in a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way!” but looking back – I never fully understood how much. Yes I’ve learned it as I pursued the mission of being a disciple, yes I shared it, yes I felt it – but the thing was when time passed by I forgot it. His love. How could I have forgotten His love?!

Even with the Cross – the ultimate sign of love, the ultimate sacrifice. Even when I always see it, wear it as  a rosary bracelet so I always have it with me! It was staring at my face! yet I forgot. But the thing is? HE DIDN’T, HE NEVER WOULD. I turn my back on Him and He never changes. He never gets tired of forgiving me, protecting me = THIS IS WHAT LOVE IS. Thank You Jesus for the Cross, for showing us that Love is an act of the will, thank you for making it possible for this kind of Love to be bestowed upon us. I pray to you that You may grant me the grace to never forget and learn to love like how You love us.

(2) “Jesus wants your happiness more than you could ever want and He knows the deepest desires of your heart – on top of that all our deepest desires are fulfilled by Him” (19:55 in the video)

Remember those times you don’t understand yourself? you don’t know how to feel, what you feel, what to think? Remember when you come to the point of not understanding yourself? – Yep. been there done that. When we go through it again? Think of God and how He knows you better than yourself, of How He loves you.

Remembering just how much God loves me and understanding what Love and Sacrifice is wasn’t just what I learned, soon after, our discussion taught me how to obtain happiness an it’s easy. LET GO AND LET GOD FOR HE KNOWS BEST AND GIVES IT YOU, just let Him.

(3) “To find someone running this path with you, that’s the stuff of great relationships.” (20:10 in the video)


Knowing God, realizing and accepting that Jesus is my Lord and Savior – fully embracing, always remembering His love for me brings me eternal joy. Peace can only be found in the Presence of God. And finding the guy, my future husband, who will walk with me in this path of peace and happiness – that’s one True Love I’m excited to have.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning. Putting God in the center of my life ~ then on the center of our lives (who ever my better half would be) – finally on the center of my soon to be family = these are my deepest desires. Not easy to fulfill but as Sarah said these desires all came from God, and He will fulfill it. I believe it. Its a start. Its enough.

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