Life according to Doc Jane

doc-janeOne cool Catholic that I know is one of my closest friends, Dr. Jane Juanico. Doc Jane and I served together in our youth community back in our “younger” days. I have seen her grow from a young lady who dreamt of being a doctor to someone who has made that dream a reality. But more than that, I have seen Doc Jane fulfill her goal by relying on prayer. After everything, she really believed that when you are with God, everything will fall into its perfect place.

And yes, I got to ask her a few questions:


Sky: What makes you feel like a child?

Jane: I feel like a child when I am surrounded by cheerful smiles and giggling people, most especially children. They make me think that dealing with the world is not difficult when you take it light-heartedly.


Sky: What made you want to be a doctor?

Jane: It was long dreamt by my parents that I would become a doctor. From my mother’s womb, that inspiration was shared to me by my parents. They even kept a lock of my hair from my first hair cut in a medical book. They are not doctors, but they shared the ambition that I would soon become one. And because I love them, I wanted to fulfill that dream.


Sky: In your journey to fulfilling your dream, what were the challenges that you encountered and what did you learn from them?

Jane: Challenges? Financial difficulties for one. I’m not of a well-off family, but I have hardworking parents. But the most difficult challenge was when there were people who thought I wouldn’t make it… I took the challenge positively, I worked and studied hard and prayed the hardest that divine intervention would help me pass the board exam.


Sky: Now that you are a doctor, what do you want to achieve? Or do you still have more dreams?

Jane: The first thing I learned when I went to med school was how to become a five-star physician — a health care provider, an educator, a researcher, a manager and a social mobilizer. [I also learned] that learning is a continuous process. More dreams? Well, aside from being a doctor, I also want to become a traveler.


Sky: What are your simple joys?

Jane: A smile from a mom whose baby I delivered; a word of gratitude from a father whose son I treated for pneumonia; appreciation from a child I attended to after a trauma;

and the joy of a community when I helped during a medical mission.


Sky: As a doctor, how do you see life?

Jane: Life for many may be harsh, but as a doctor, life is a miracle, as in giving birth to a baby. We may not know what lies ahead for us in the future, but it is not for us to decide. Life is precious just like any investment and it is priceless — more than any diamond. Any plan to destroy it just like the RH Law is the same as losing in a business or buying fake jewelry. Babies are great gifts. If you can’t stand up for it, don’t do it!

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