Love + Faith = Miracles²

People are so preoccupied with asking for miracles to happen in their lives. What they do not realize is that their very life is a miracle in itself. I am grateful for this truthful realization that my life is a miracle — a series of miracles, just by being alive everyday. A miracle is a collaboration of my personal faith in action and God’s personal love in action.

Miracles are God’s touches in our lives. Being alive, being called to a specific vocation and mission, having true friends and a supportive family, being provided with daily needs are miracles of life. Miracles do happen if we believe. Miracles happen if we learn to be contented with what we have in our hearts and lives.

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The real essence of miracles is not witnessing a miracle, but being with the Miracle Worker who is God. Amidst the storms of life, we can be like Peter who experienced a miracle when he walked on the troubled water because Jesus told him to. And just like Peter, we have to learn to fix our eyes on the Miracle Worker, Jesus.

We have to entrust everything to Him — that whatever happens He will not abandon us and let us drown. In my life, I have encountered turmoil, problems, and crises that made me feel down, disappointed and frustrated. There were moments I almost gave up, but I stood in faith and experienced the arms of God, in the person of my true friends and family who reached out and saved me from drowning.

Betrayed by a dear friend, we can be like Jesus who approached Peter with love and forgiveness. Reconciliation paves the way to a miracle in a relationship. It frees us from pain and burden, helping us experience a new and strengthened bond of friendship. It heala a broken friendship and brings peace to the heart.

In the face of death, we can be like Lazarus who experienced a miracle when Jesus raised him up from the dead. We don’t have to fear death because the Miracle Worker can give us life again whenever He wills it.

When I had a vehicular accident and found myself in an operating room, I experienced a miracle because I knew God was with me. I already surrendered myself to God, not = losing hope, but having faith in life eternal with God. When I was prepared to face death, God gave me life instead. Miracles are everywhere because of God, our Miracle Worker, is always with us. I came to discover that miracles do not need to be seen by our naked eyes to be believed. We only need eyes of faith to feel the unseen.

Miracles do happen every time I close my eyes and think of the Miracle Worker’s constant presence in my life.

It doesn’t matter if I am just surviving or merely existing.

It doesn’t matter if I am limping or crawling.

It doesn’t matter if I am weak and failing.

It doesn’t matter if I am at lost and confused.

It doesn’t matter if I am a wreck and broken.

It doesn’t matter if I am defeated and in pain.

It doesn’t matter if I am not perfect in the eyes of people.

What makes a miracle are God’s unconditional and merciful love for me and my simple and pure faith in Him.

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One thought on “Love + Faith = Miracles²

  1. Life is definitely a Miracle. I have seen life and death, many of my realizations of life as a miracle is from my 12month deployment in Afghanistan. After 12 months of being there, I loved my life more now than I ever would have imagined. I am doing everything I can that in Gods eyes I am living a true Christian life.

    Thank you for thos post. It is beautiful.

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