Love life or hate it?

I started talking to people to wear red and take selfies, holding up a sign that says, “LIFEROCKS”. Why? To encourage people to show whether they love life or hate it.


As you know, this April 8, the Supreme Court will finally decide on the constitutionality of the RH Law that is set to use up P13 billion worth of tax payers’ money on condoms and contraceptives. As YouthPinoy Online Missionaries of God, we were all out on the #NoToRH and #JunkRHLaw hasthags. To my regret, there were several people that I talked to who were either uninterested, uninformed or even pro-RH.

Is the love for life really dead in us? Have we considered the risks in taking contraceptives? In case some of us are not aware, there are natural ways of family planning that don’t involve taking drugs of any sorts, like the natural family planning method, which even makes couples closer and improve their communication. And in case, many of us don’t know, there are companies which are facing lawsuits because of thousands of women who have either died from taking contraceptives or have suffered from its side effects: blood clots, internal bleeding, vaginal infections, depression, hormonal imbalance, fetal abnormalities and even a higher risk for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

If we want to show people the value of life, we need to be aware of the actions we take — both the pros and the cons. We, the young people, need our eyes opened.

We also remember San Pedro Calungsod’s martyrdom and how much he valued life. This is why I encourage everyone, to be more vigilant and more fearless to take a stand and say that “LIFEROCKS” and “I LOVE LIFE”.

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