Not so popular, but a ‘must watch’: Pedro Calungsod movie review

by Joel Nava

A must watch movie.

‘Pedro Calungsod: Ang Batang Martir’ doesn’t just show a young saint’s life, but provides the accurate backdrop of history, culture and religious beliefs during Calungsod’s time. It shows the second Filipino saint’s life, his mission to the Ladrones Islands (now known as Guam) with Padre Diego Luis San Vitores, his suffering and martyrdom for Jesus Christ.

During Pedro’s mission to the Ladrones Islands, he taught and spread the word of God to the young Chamorros. His mission was not easy as one would think. They experienced hardships and persecution from the Chamorros. Some of the catechists and missionary priests were even killed during their mission. A Chinese merchant named Choco tried to ruin their plans by organizing a revolt against them, but Pedro and Padre Diego defended their faith until the end.

Pedro in the film is a young man with his own joys and pains.

Pedro in the film is a young man with his own joys and pains.

The entire story gives clear details about the life of Pedro. The locations shown in the movie were appropriate. I laud the cast for their hard work and dedication in making this film possible. Even the staff and the producers had to work extra hard to make a film that wouldn’t normally get instant attention – a movie about a young martyr’s life.

For me, the soundtrack is a hands-down winner where Fatima Soriano sang the theme song of the film melodiously with all of her heart. This is one film complete with history, values and religion. I recommend this movie because not only does it teach me lessons about the faith, but it also reminds me that I can be like St. Pedro even in everyday life. For me, this movie is not about popularity or awards, but about the evangelization of young people and being firm in faith.


A Jesus-loving computer techie, Jose Luis Nava or Joel is a Computer Science Information Technology graduate, Asia Pacific College Batch 2010. Aside from honing his computer skills, he started seriously serving Jesus back in 2008 as part of the Youth Ministry of Christ the King – Greenmeadows. He is currently a youth volunteer of the Campus Ministry of his alma mater.  

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