October Baby: ‘To be human is to be beautifully flawed’

octoberbabymovieSOME of us may be born out of love, while some out of need, while some we may never know to be born out of guilt and chance. This is what Hannah, the film’s protagonist (played beautifully by Rachel Hendrix) found out when her parents told her that she was adopted and that she was a survivor of a failed abortion. So, as any adopted child would do, she went out to find her birth mother.

This isn’t your usual teenage film about self discovery. Nope, Hannah learns more about herself and also the truth along the way. Finding out about your real self? Truth will set you free, right? But sometimes we don’t need to go on a days, weeks journey to find that truth, because sometimes what we are looking for is just right in front of us.

We are not just opening our eyes, and most of the times our hearts, enough. Oh well, as the movie did say, “to be human is to be beautifully flawed.”  With those flaws comes to admitting and owning up to the mistakes so that to be we are to be forgiven (and is ready to forgive).

Jason Burkey as Jason and Rachel Hendrix as Hannah in “October Baby.”

Jason Burkey as Jason and Rachel Hendrix as Hannah in “October Baby.”

One thing that I’ve learned from the movie and (what was surprising) was that a child set for abortion could survive that operation. Even more surprising could be the consequences that follow it —- epilepsy, asthma, psychical and psychological ailments that Hannah had through out the film as she was prematurely born, 24 weeks gestation.

Set to be a limited release, October Baby is a tear jerker of a film. Proof, the ones seated next to me, who I know is a person of much muscle was folding her tissues as she was wiping her damp face. (Ana Valenzuela)


Editor’s Note: Those in Manila can still watch October Baby on special screening on October 13 at Robinson’s Galleria Cinema 5 and on October 27 in Robinson’s Ermita Cinema 5.

Special screening dates in Visayas and Mindanao will be announced by Heartbeat Asia, a life-affirming pregnancy resource center that is present in 14 areas serving the Philippines. The group aims to awaken the interest of the public to chaste life and to continuously empower men and women affirming and championing life.

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