On Silent Mode for Jesus

So much for Lenten sacrifice: I gained weight by eating a lot of food, especially nuts and going to a lot of parties. I even started splurge shopping again for clothes, shoes and other trinkets and I realize I just wasted my money. Sadly, on Facebook, all we take pictures of are our food and clothes. Come to think of it, this is the exact opposite of what Lenten season is all about.

(Photo: Alan Cleaver)

(Photo: Alan Cleaver)

Lenten season is 40 days because Jesus was tempted by the devil in 40 days to be king of the world, to force God to save Him from death, and to turn rock into bread.

Personally for me, the best person to imitate in the battle with the devil is Mama Mary. According to Fr. Arellano, her 5 solid pieces of armor are:

  • Obedience
  • Silence
  • Sacrifice
  • Humility
  • Charity

So for this Lenten season, I choose to deactivate my Facebook account, be more humble and obedient to God’s will, and to give alms to the poor.

Surprisingly, there was a feeling of freedom when I chose to give up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Choosing to be silent cleared my head to discern God’s will for me. And obeying God’s will made it easier for me to sacrifice my pride, my comforts and to be more charitable to people who have less than me.

For me, the Segunda Mana project of Cardinal Chito Tagle is a great way to practice charity. Living a simpler life makes use more capable of valuing what we have and to be happy.

I remember my boss who collects shoes, he told us that since his wife is pregnant, he will have to give up his collection of sneakers. And for me, that is real love. We have to have a reason for the things we do. And the reason is Jesus and our love for Him. He wants to enter our hearts and we need to give up all the distractions that separate us from Him. So, let’s be sober and addiction-free.

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