#PasaLordMovement: Dear Philippines

How are you? It’s been really long time since the last time I saw you problem-free; since the last time I heard silence.

I think I have even forgotten what it’s like to roam around with no fears. Oh I am sorry, to roam with just a pinch of fear. You were never really safe, to be honest.

Why did I say so, you ask? You really want me to tell you? Okay. But promise me first that you won’t harm me.

Remember in school, students are taught different types of conflicts? You know; man versus self, man versus nature, etc?

I guess the school you went to taught you really well that you actually imply them on your stories. But of course, you hate dull stories. So you were able to come up with plot twists: you used man against man and man against money.

The central characters on your stories are either criminals or just a man full of greed. Don’t even argue with me.

People killing innocents to establish supremacy. People bringing down colleagues to prove they are more skilful. People burning down the whole place just because they feel like it.

From Pasa Lord Prayer Movement Faceboook Page.

From Pasa Lord Prayer Movement Faceboook Page.

Philippines, I know you’re just a small part of the world but “I think the whole world is addicted to the drama. Only attracted to things that’ll bring you trauma.”

There’s too much going on. Too much that the people, I believe, you call protagonists ended up handing all the troubles you cause them to the Lord.

Yes, the Lord. Ever heard of Him? Of course you did. Your characters only ignored the fact that He is all-powerful over anybody else.

Those people took a minute of break from all the noise you keep on creating at exactly noon today, July 7. You can rule the whole place all you want. But the people who trusts the Lord will be a living reminder that there are things you cannot do that He can.

Also, no matter how bad you want us divided, our prayers will unite us. The will of the Lord will never betray us. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for us.

Our faith, our prayers will always say these words you chose not to hear. (Kate Dolot)

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