#Saltwater Journey: Cleanse.

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Much like the popular diet fad, I feel like my life is in dire need of a ‘cleanse.’

list-372766_960_720I needed to weed out all the toxic elements that have piled up. It was evident in my planner.

My to-do list has become mighty lengthy. My schedule was unorganized, and some days passed by with a literal blur.

It was even evident in my room. My closet was bursting with clothes and shoes that I didn’t wear. My floor was covered in clutter.

And so my cleansing began.

  • It started with my job. I had to work out a better way to manage my workload and finally complete my deliverables.

This meant spending my weekend trying to catch up on missed deadlines. I found myself wondering how I let all of this work become overwhelmingly piled up.

  • The next one was to clean out my closet. I had to decide which ones to keep, throw and give away.

Our choir is having a garage sale, so the timing is perfect.

  • What I didn’t realize is that my life is full of toxic people as well. It is time to cleanse my life from all sorts of emotional baggage: enablers, takers, narcissists and all sorts.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t give up on people, but I realized that letting go of the wrong people gives me the chance to dedicate my energy to the right ones.

How do you know it’s time to cut someone off? It’s easy.

Stop swimming oceans for people who won’t jump puddles for you.

I pray that we all find the courage to say no to people in our lives who don’t know our worth. It’s a tough job, but like juice cleanses, we’ll end up happier and healthier afterwards.

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