Say ‘welcome’ in Polish!

(Photo: Chrixy Paguirigan)

For several days now we’ve been in Poland, said to be “the most Catholic country in Europe”! Aside from stuffing myself with kielbasa sausages and learning how to say “Dzień dobry!” the right way, I spent time talking to Kamil Kiwatyniec, a 21-year old volunteer who has just graduated from Technological Educational Institute of Athens and who will be pursuing a Master’s degree soon. I asked him a few questions about why he wanted to be a World Youth Day volunteer aside from other stuff.

It really is overwhelming coming to Poland as a pilgrim so I got the scoop on what the volunteers did to prepare for WYD, which is set to gather more than a million young people from all over the world. Kamil said he did not help as much as the others when it came to the pre-event preparations but he assisted during the Masses as an altar server. He was caught up with finding a job and there was little time. But talking to him gives you the feeling he’s confident and knows what he’s there for. I asked him why he volunteered and he said: “We can meet new people and friends.” Through his WYD volunteer experience, he said he can learn about other countries, cultures, and languages, which is very much in line with his course, tourism. I had such a great time talking to Kamil who told me how the Polish welcome their guests and it is usually through a tradition of “bread, salt and a little vodka” and he teasingly added, “maybe a lot of vodka.”


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