YouthPinoy statement on the passing of Death Penalty in Congress


We, YouthPinoy, express our utmost disappointment towards The House of Representatives. The decision to give the Senate power to kill is saddening and disgraceful.

This is the culture of death in the making. Disheartened by the fact that our Legislators in the lower house (Congress) are not standing up for life, and crestfallen that the lawmakers who we thought would fight for life has failed us, we call to every Filipino to strengthen our spirits to oppose the death penalty and to continue to stand firm for life.

We, your Youth, will not be silenced and will unceasingly proclaim the Gospel of Life. We are all called to respect the life and the dignity of every human being.

We ask the Filipino Youth, the Online Missionaries of God, to speak up: fight for life! Make noise for life! Show our support through posts, tweets and shares that we are against death penalty.

This moment, this disgrace should not silence us, rather, it should all the more reinforce our conviction for life!

Let us continue to ask the intercession of our Mother Mary.

President, YouthPinoy
March 8, 2017

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