The “living water” that fills the body, nourishes the soul

Do you want a very intimate and quiet date with your special someone but can’t find a cozy place to go anywhere in the city?

Amid the hustle and bustle of the streets in Manila, you can still find a serene place where you can enjoy eating with your special someone and talk about anything under the sun sans the noise.

Perhaps the only noise you’ll hear is the soft sound of running water from a fountain inside the L’Eau Vive Restaurant in 1499 Paz M. Guazon Avenue in Paco, Manila. In fact, every guest would consider it a fitting background “sound” considering that the English name of the diner is “The Living Water.”

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The unassuming restaurant that serves authentic French cuisine along a neighborhood known to house auto dealership and showroom is being run by the Missionary Workers of the Immaculate of “Donum-Dei.” The missionary-sisters cook and serve the food themselves.

The menu is considerably pricey and can compare with those offered in fine-dining restaurants. But consider it as a charitable work to patronize the L’Eau Vive Restaurant because part of the income of the diner is spent on the missionaries’ various religious and social work.

photo 4Imagine paying for a suspended coffee because apart from paying for your own meal, you are paying for another street child’s. Indeed, there is truth to the restaurant’s tagline saying, “when you dine, you help.”

“When you come to L’Eau Vive, you don’t just eat, you also help the least of your brothers, giving them love, hope and joy,” the diner’s brochure says.

Aside from treating your taste buds with exquisite and healthy French delicacies, customers are also given spiritual nourishment. While you wait for your choice of what to eat, you can scribble a prayer intention that you want the missionary-sisters to pray on your behalf.

There is a notebook being passed around among guests with leaves filled with prayer intentions, even personal message of patrons to the missionary-sisters, mostly lauding their superb cooking skills and affirming their missionary work.

It doesn’t end with that. When you dine in the evening, the missionary-sisters would invite you to pray with them before you leave. All of them will join you in the prayerful singing of the “Immaculate Mother” facing an image of Mother Mary placed atop the “Living Water” fountain.

The restaurant is so peaceful and the missionary-sisters so prayerful that when you leave, you do not only go with a full stomach but also with a nourished soul.

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