Want to change the world? You need this…

MANILA – Young and hungry for change – this is why 37 young school reps will be gathering this July 19 – 21 to learn more about why faith is the missing ingredient for lasting, social change.

“We know that the faith is our only weapon and tool in changing society to restore all things in Christ,” Mark Vertido, who is helping organize 3rd Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP)-NCR Cluster Leadership Conference at the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila, said.

Through two batches of workshops, the conference explored how faith affects and is affected by technology, culture, politics, social change and sexuality, among others.

The impact of faith

photo credit:  corbis.com

photo credit: corbis.com

“This conference aims to empower the participants as changed individuals in faith,” explained Vertido, the College of Holy Spirit Manila Animator.

While the 2nd SCAP-NCR Cluster Leadership Conference last year dealt with leadership essentials like credibility, community-orientation, and Christ-centeredness, the organizers were inspired by the Year of Faith, as seen through the choice of topics.

Aside from two rounds of workshops that will also look into how faith impacts the environment, art, social issues and eventually, the future, the main plenary session, titled “Give Faith a Chance” will focus about “rootedness” in faith.

Sonia Roco, wife of the late former Senator Raul Roco, will give the plenary session, drawing from her and her husband’s own experience as SCAP members during their student days.

No faith, no change

According to Vertido, young Christian leaders cannot expect to change anything radically, if they are not motivated and moved by faith.

“It is really expected that as [members of SCAP], they should be equipped with faith as they try to act for change in the society,” he explained.

Student representatives from schools like De La Salle University, University of the Philippines, Centro Escolar University, San Beda College and University of the East will be present for the event.

Delegations from the Dioceses of Antipolo and Laoag also plan to participate as observers in preparation for the establishment of SCAP in their respective dioceses within the year.

Established in 1936, SCAP is a fast-growing, campus-based organization dedicated to providing leadership training and spiritual formation to young people.

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2 thoughts on “Want to change the world? You need this…

  1. Faith is not just a matter of prayers and attending church services and even reading and memorizing bible word for word.

    There are challenges we have to face and as information technology advances, there is a tendency to question the validity in what we believe in.

    I must admit, with the barrage of information available in the net, there is a strong pressure to question the validity of our faith. Sometimes facts are stronger that myth. Please understand it, the devil is not a monster with horns and tail. He is smart, handsome or beautiful, and attractive enough to make us fail to 7 sins.

    The only way not to fall is make faith as personal relationship like a wife who is faithful to her husband despite how he battered her like how early Christians braved the persecution.

    • Nirva Delacruz January 28, 2014 at 7:59 am - Reply Author

      Well-said..Faith is something more concrete and lived out on a daily basis. Thanks for reading our blogs!

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