What are you waiting for?

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I used to be a very impatient person. My family and friends could attest to this. But when I reached my 20s, I made a resolve to be patient and participate in God’s mysteries instead of just anticipating them. So I asked for the grace to stretch my waiting capacity. A mere 15-minute grace period of waiting, grew to up to 4 hours!

I know time is precious so I make sure my waiting will always be fruitful and not a waste. I read books, pray the rosary, clean my room, going to Mass, run errands, listen to music, and many other stuff that will quite possibly to prepare me for what I’m waiting for.

What do people usually wait for? It could be because we are hopeful about something; we are looking forward to a promise; we’re waiting for someone or we’re simply in line, waiting for our turn.

But let’s say we are waiting for Christ’s coming into our hearts as He did in Bethlehem. Ever thought that celebrating Christmas is a prelude to His second coming and the reign of Christ’s Kingdom on earth? Isn’t this worth waiting for?

As a Christian waiting for Christ’s coming, the best preparation is to cleanse our hearts of sins and bad habits. So Advent season is the best time to go to confession. And even as we wait for God to answer our prayers, we should boldly and audaciously be an answer to someone else’s prayers by serving Him through volunteerism and even missionary work or community service. Let’s serve God by loving others so that our hearts may be a warm and cozy place for the Baby Jesus.

Christmas will always be about Jesus, the star of the season: “Emmanuel”, God with us. He is the prophesied one, the ultimate answer to all our prayers and the One we have all been waiting for.

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