What do guys say about virginity?

It may seem “old-fashioned” to some, but these guys — surprisingly — seem to think virginity should go back in fashion.

Sex won’t make you happy

“I think virginity is just what we need right now…Our perception of happiness has changed, so that we think pre-marital sex (PMS) and other sexual acts can make us happy,” said 17-year old Paolo Magtibay, an incoming Ateneo de Manila freshman.

Contrary to what movies or media show, waiting to have sex is a “sure way” to be happy, Magtibay added.

[Photo credit: http://images5.fanpop.com/]

[Photo credit: http://images5.fanpop.com/]

Dondie Bernardino, 29, a multi media-product specialist, is even more direct about what he thinks.

“I think pre-marital sex ang outdated, since Old Testament times pa,” Bernardino said, explaining that PMS is an “old story” of human mistakes—something that is the total opposite of the Gospel and its freshness.

Sin, Bernardino explained, became a thing of the past when Christ saved us from sin, which is why having sex outside of marriage is soooo yesterday.

A Salesian Youth Movement leader, Bernardino added, valuing virginity is something new and concrete that Jesus gave us when He saved us from sin—which includes premarital sex.

According to Bernardino, deciding to save one’s virginity is a fruit of living a full life—a life with Christ, a life of virtue.

[Photo credit: http://bryansmadera.files.wordpress.com/]

[Photo credit: http://bryansmadera.files.wordpress.com/]

No to peer pressure, desperation

Despite a lot of young people having sex with the “if it feels right, do it” mentality, some young people still believe sex belongs to marriage and not to young people who just feel the hormones of puppy love.

“’Feel’ isn’t enough, you have to ‘know’ that you love this person and want to spend the rest of your life with this person… I think that sex after marriage is the best course of action,” said Lakan Dela Cruz, 14, a Philippine Science High School Western Visayas student.

He said, young people get pressured into losing their virginity because of peer pressure or desperation.

With a culture obsessed with “instants”—instant noodles, 10 Mbps internet speed, speed dating—waiting to have sex seems almost like..duh?!

But for Keith Janohan, 30, a marketing and communications head, time actually adds to the value of virginity.

“Virginity is like a gift, it does not get outdated,” he added.

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7 thoughts on “What do guys say about virginity?

  1. In a noble relationship, virginity still count. Women are willing to give in when they are in love but they will love more a man who will respect virginity.

    My first girlfriend and I have so many opportunities but it was my conviction that I would deflower her after our marriage vow. Unfortunately fate has its way to test us. To cut the story short, we parted ways without valid reason but due to pride I married another woman.

    For sure our Lord knows everything about us. My wife died 11 years ago but no one has filled her in my heart until 2 years ago I received and email from my first girlfriend. She said she has been looking for me and found my email address in a business portal. She told me she has never been happy with her husband. Actually it was her husband who did everything to make us part.

    Not to disappoint her, I said, ‘If your husband can’t make you happy, I am willing to fill in the gap but on condition that you have to legally break your tie as husband and wife. I am not willing to enter into an elicit relationship.

    We are still in constant contact at present but there is no carnal relationship since she is in other country. Just what I can say is, despite of the trials we’ve gone through, the feelings and respect we have for each others remains the same.

    I still respect her the way I do in our young days. Maybe if I was just playful in my youth, our relationship would not be the same up to this days.

    The essense is, do no make sex as an adventure. Women will respect our manhood and nobleness when we make sex as sacred. Try it and you will enjoy life time relationship. Women will adore us if we treat them with dignity and not just an object of desire.

    • Nirva Delacruz January 28, 2014 at 8:02 am - Reply Author

      Wow..A story worthy of a television show. Maybe you would want to blog about this for us, in the form of a letter to young people. Under an alias, of course, if you wish.

  2. Want to prove your manhood and nobleness? Respect you girlfriend’s virginity. The more time you preserve it, it is like wine, it taste best as it ages. The more your will enjoy it and the more you will enjoy your relationship.

    • Nirva Delacruz January 28, 2014 at 8:00 am - Reply Author

      It’s good to know that there are still a lot of people who believe in this! Slowly, even science and psychology are backing up this age-old belief of the Church.

  3. Even before I became active in serving God and even though I was exposed to pornography at a young age, I am aware of the “significance and importance” of virginity in an intimate relationship. I’m thankful to God that even though I got addicted to consuming pornographic materials, I didn’t end up as a sex addict but instead saved me from such and made me a living testimony of His unceasing mercy and grace. I’m still a virgin and I’m saving it for my future wife. Now I’m a youth leader in our Parish and in a Catholic Community inspiring others that we can always recover ourselves through God’s love. 🙂

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