What happens when you let go of a secret

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How does carrying around a secret feel like? Probably not the best feeling.

19-year old Davy Van den Heede of Belgium, a World Youth Day (WYD) Krakow delegate, shared with me the time when he hid his smoking from his mother for a year. When he finally decided to tell her, she didn’t get mad but the experience actually led to a closer bond with his mother. Davy says, he can talk more openly with her now. He said this is probably the greatest experience of mercy he has ever had.

Asked when was the hardest time he showed mercy, he shared about how his friend Jan falsely told everyone that he had heart problems. He made the story up and their other friends got mad at Jan. But Davy told him: “No matter what you did you can always get a second chance from me.” The story has a happy ending as they are still friends until now.

Mercy, the theme of this year’s WYD, is choosing to be compassionate even when it’s difficult. In a world where there is so much chaos, mercy helps us go on – for our sake and for others.

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