What has become us, FIlipinos?

Media plays a great role in the life of Filipinos. Catholicism is basically the life of many. Women are important in our society – have we forgotten? With the trends now, its like we don’t value these enough – what happened to us Filipinos? 

Media, Catholicism, Women and the Philippines Today
Media. This is where we get updates about the latest news, trends and other information we need to know. Through it we are able to form our own opinions and judgement concerning various issues.

The public views media (including the virtual sphere) as a mirror that reflects what is happening around the globe. It has great impact to society, especially to the youth because they’re the ones who are exposed to the internet most of the time.

Since we, the youth, are regular users of social media we tend to share and post our thoughts about the ‘hot topic’ we see online. And a lot of us has been involved in the issues concerning our presumptive president, Rodrigo Duterte.

We even tolerate his opinion about media killings and boycotting the media; or even considering catcalling a journalist as freedom of expression? SERIOUSLY? You don’t find anything wrong in it?

  • As a teen, I believe that the youth are all free-spirited. Being in a “catholic country” doesn’t really make its citizens “catholic” – there is more to being Catholics than anyone can ever know. Unless thy devote their lives to the Christian mission.
  • As a teen, I also see the importance of media in our lives, how we depend on it.
  • As a teen, and a woman – I know and appreciate all Filipinas who contribute to our socety one way or another.

If you think of these three things and brush it off as not important just because our president elect thinks so, I fear for you. I fear for our country.

Photo from 123rf.com

Photo from 123rf.com

If I were to put it, I’d say Duterte is being an example to some youth who only base their arguments from what they absorb on TV. With little knowledge, they support what lots of people believe is right. (Just because its the trend. Just because they go with the flow)

What happened with us Filipinos? Looks like the number of people who start to immerse with what our country’s situation is increased, but the number of ignorant people has doubled as well. What happened to our country? Has it gone worse?

This is what I’ll do – what will you?
As a communication student and a future media practitioner, I’m worried about what will take place on this administration.

A lot of questions and what ifs are going on in my head. What if, what happened in the past will be reiterated? What if, were not be able to retain our job as a media practitioner? What if, we’ll be killed?

No one knows. All I know is that I want to immerse myself in this world and serve as role model for the youth and prove that not all media people are condemned and biased – not all are working for the sake of money. Not all Catholics are hypocrites: we are human, we make mistakes but we pick ourselves up and continue our adventure to fulfill our Christian Mission. Not all women are weak, we fight, we speak up for what’s right and we are valuable to this country.

#ChangeIsComing: our president-elect Rodrigo Duterte implies. We all crave for a change, lets believe that this tagline will not stay as a tagline – with hopes I pray that it will come, the good kind of change.

Our country needs to move forward. What every decisions and actions that will be made should be worthy and will benefit all the citizens of our country – what will yours be? (Ann Gasmen)

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