When Election Strikes!

Here’s a post-election reflection:

Clock keeps on ticking… (24 hours left before election) I still don’t have the final decision in choosing the leader deserving of my ONE VOTE.

ONE VOTE that I know might not be enough for a candidate to win, but ONE VOTE that I believe very much count. Every vote counts, yours and mine, because this vote represents me. A symbol of my trust to that candidate’s capabilities and willingness to serve the country with pride and dignity.


Photo by: Chrixy Paguirigan

As a kid, I expected that I would support leaders filled with so much enthusiasm… that I wasn’t going to experience considerable difficulty in choosing.

24 hours approached fast, I still don’t have a final list of my candidates, especially for the Presidential position. There are many to choose from, many are deserving for the highest position, but none of them has convinced me to vote for them. Is it their platforms? Appeal to the people?

Or is it just me, setting my standards too high that sometimes its an impossible feat for others, was it me expecting too much, which is why I’m always led to disappointments?

Clock strikes… its midnight, the hour of the elections (just a few hours away, really fast approaching) and I’m not yet ready to fill those circles with the black marker, I wanted to be sure, sure of my decision. I don’t want it to be a similar story with my love life – expecting too much and setting my standards too high, that just led me to disappointment. I don’t want it to be that way, I don’t want to give my full trust to a person who would just throw it all away and never bother. Not anyone who will not care if I am left to be in pieces, or if he/she fails the country. Not anyone who is too much of a coward to face responsibilities.

These late night realizations made me more concerned not only for myself, but for every Filipino. We don’t need coward leaders who can’t face the reality of their RESPONSIBILITY. We deserve leaders who knows COMMITMENT, not only to their position, but commitment to the whole country and its citizens. A leader BRAVE enough to protect, serve and love the Philippines.

13177487_10153768233759164_5741828509554178506_nA leader who LOVES his countrymen enough to sacrifice everything for them. Once you love someone, you sacrifice all what you have, in order to provide for their needs. And most importantly, a leader who is GOD-FEARING, who has the conscience, and guidance from the Lord. Someone who knows, that when he leads – God is with him.

The clock struck, its now time to cast my vote… I know it is impossible for a person to possess all of of the said traits. But I took the risk of giving him or her my vote, win or lose I know that he or she can make a difference to our country. I, a Filipino Citizen, chose to put my vote to someone I trust and believe in. (Samantha Marcellana)

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