While you’re in Labor-acay… we are here.

Labor day! this was always an awaited no-work-holiday. But we guess, this year its double kill, cause May 1 landed on a Sunday, so technically its a rest day and a no-working holiday.

While most workers spend their day grabbing this opportunity to enjoy Boracay parties or bar hopping or sleeping and eating… some people chose to be on the Metro to rally, voice out and fight for every worker’s rights.

Photo by: Ana Perucho

Photo by: Ana Perucho


Our team went to Mendiola, Manila to discover the core of what really happens in rallies, what’s the commotion about, what the voices speak out.

It was an eye- opener for us, seeing them fighting for the change in the system. Hearing their rants and chants, feeling their struggles and passion.

We got curious and wanted to learn more from their side of the story so we interviewed some of them.

“Noon pa namin pinaglalaban ‘to, lahat pinapangako pero wala pa din silang ginagawa,” Luis, 43 years old and a machine operator said.

As we went on with the rally, we further encountered various people: most of them were contractual workers, student activists, and some of the famous USI people (usiseros/usiseras) were also present. All of them shouting for the raise in the national minimum wage and a stop to the ENDO system or contractualization.

Photo by: Ana Perucho

Photo by: Ana Perucho

“Hindi solusyon ang pagpapalit ng presidente, ang solusyon dito ay magpalit ng sistema ng lipunan,” Rogelio, 51 years old ans a construction worker voiced out.

Experiencing all of this made us realize, that we, being the youth and future workers of our society – should be open and ready to listen. To hear both sides of the story in order for us to understand the problem and to think of a solution that would help everybody. (Written by: Rai Vidanes and Chrisia Alviar)

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