Wonder Woman and the power that conquers the world


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Strength is not a trait we usually attribute to women. Some people think a good woman is supposed to be docile and meek. Because of women’s lib, there’s a growing movement that believes women can also do what men can do. But I believe women can do more.

Wonder Woman is one of the Amazons, strong women who are given the task to fight Aries, the god of war and to restore the peace and balance that will ultimately save the world.

The movie Wonder Woman, which stars the gorgeous mom of 2, Gal Gadot, shows us that while women can also be strong and tough, they remain beautiful within. Wonder Woman inspires us to believe in the goodness of men’s hearts.
I especially love her lasso of truth because I believe justice should always go hand in hand with the truth. While fighting with Aries, she realized that there is no single being to blame for all the suffering and hatred in this world. There is a capacity for good and evil in people’s hearts. There’s always an inner battle in all of us. I’vee heard that the conflicts in the outside world are mere reflections of what’s within us, when we are not rooted in God but are driven by selfishness, greed, and lust for power.

Wonder Woman realized something definitive in her battle against Aries, god of war: “There is nothing more powerful than the power of love”. We win over people’s hearts by the power of love.

Personally, I sometimes find it hard to discover Jesus in every person I deal with, especially the difficult ones. I realized that we have to be extra patient with those people we call “bullies”, persecutors, bashers, etc. They are just waiting to be loved, forgiven, and accepted. A lot of hurt, pain, and evil in the world exist because people are treated badly. Violence begets violence. Evil begets evil. But we should learn to stand our ground and break the cycle. Let us learn to act with patience, gentleness, armed with our desire for justice and the lasso of truth. Always and always, love wins.

As St. Mother Teresa said, unlike Wonder Woman, “(w)e can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

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