Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s call for evangelization on digital media has prompted the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to establish an online community of young Catholic Filipinos coming from different parishes, academes, and dioceses present nationwide.

Through the supervision of Legaspi Bishop Joel Baylon, chairman of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY), and Msgr. Pedro Quitorio III, director of the CBCP  Media, a group of youth ministers, missionaries and coordinators were organized to work in setting up a website that will serve as rich information portal of the events, updates and activities within the youth apostolate.

The group has come to be called YouthPinoy and its website as WWW.YOUTHPINOY.COM. With the website up and running, CBCP President and Jaro, Iloilo Archbishop Angel Lagdameo said “evangelizing the youth through their fellow youth” is just as promising as how the Pope see the internet as the “best medium” for the young to evangelize their peers, friends, classmates, and colleagues.


“Holy young people transforming New Media in Christ.” 

As we have experienced, many people in this generation have misused and abused the ‘New Media’ – either divulging inappropriate information, cyber bullying or unacceptable behavior exposed online.  As a Community of Online Missionaries of God, our main Vocation is to use the gift of Social Media to reintroduce Christ’s Love as well as forge intellectual and spiritual exchange online.  Looking at these forms of new realities; “YouthPinoy” will be a network of young people composed of 14-39 years of age, single, practicing Catholics, and frequent internet users who take the ‘New Media’ as a challenge and channel to reintroduce Christ to the people, contributing to the New Evangelization.



“Building a community of Online Missionaries of God spreading the Love of Christ to the world.” 

Being born at the time and age when New Media, primarily Social Media/Networks are slowly becoming the primary source of information, we at “YouthPinoy” felt the moral obligation to respond to the sign of times. This can be through reminding our peers as well as the upcoming generations to invibe1 the Presence of Christ within Social Media in attaining our vision.  In the midst of the contemporary times, we often check our social sites in order to reach our friends as well as share memes that appeals to us or express ourselves giving our “humble take” on social issues.


As Online Missionaries of God (OMG), our primary objectives are:

  1. To win the world through the worldwide web by sharing experiences of Faith;
  2. To espouse the cause of our fellow Youth Organizations, whether Diocesan-based or Congregational-based Catholic Youth Organizations through but not limited to events-coverage for their promotional purposes;
  3. To be a venue for spreading a better understanding of the Catholic Faith to the Filipinos whether to fellow Catholics, Christians from Other Denominations, Faithful of Other Religions, and people who may not profess any religious affiliations but who are open for dialogue;
  4. To foster a counter-revolution of self-absorption common to the Filipino youth of contemporary times by mobilizing concrete expressions of Faith through Social Media.



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