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Apple is one hardworking woman in the corporate world.  But when asked to serve, she is is always there to give herself, and take note, her whole self.  Her passion for the Catholic church and for bringing God’s love to the world is so evident in all her ways.  She’s willing to go to far flung places to shine His light.

Get to know Apple Bocala and her story.

Tell us about yourself and your journey of knowing Christ

I was born and raised in a Catholic family. I attended Catholic school all through out as a student and so I must say that I am blessed to be deeply immersed in the Catholic doctrine at such a young age. I believe my journey of really getting to know Jesus was when I joined CFC Youth for Christ in 1998. My community has played a major role in my journey of knowing Christ

What or who made you decide to be a missionary?
Can you share to us your journey of becoming a missionary?

Generally, my friends in the community helped me with the decision to become a missionary. It started with going with different groups and going on short mission trips. Eventually, I’ve learned how to travel alone and go on solo mission trips. I am fortunate to meet brave, zealous, and inspiring missionaries from all over the country that also inspired me to go in my own journey.

The joy of bringing Christ and the Good news to people will always be the reasons that fueled my missionary life.

What makes you feel like a child?

When I try to learn a new thing or try something for the first time, I feel like a child—knowing so little and very dependent around people. Also, when I visit a theme park or carnival it makes me feel like a child all over again.

What are your simple joys?

My simple joy would be a coffee made by someone- a family member or a friend. On a bad day, a cup of coffee made by another person lights me up. Other simple joys are cute stationeries, ballpens, and kawii stuffs—I’ve collected a lot. Also, a new book is a simple joy.

In your missionary adventure, what were your joys, struggles, challenges and even difficulties?

It gives me such joy when I see people light up when the Good News is shared with them. It is also a joy when you hear their stories on how Jesus transformed them. The hardest part, I believe, in my missionary life is when discouragement would get in my way and you lose your sense of mission. At the end of the day, when you remember your “why” and “who” in doing your missionary work, everything falls into place.

How do you define joy?

Joy is something I could never exactly define but something I can feel. Joy is basking in someone’s goodness.

 In who and what you are now, what are your other dreams or do you still have anything you want to achieve?

My greatest dream is to be able to do more for the communities—helping people help themselves. I’ve always been inclined to do social work so that is something that I dream to do full time or part-time in the near future.

What is your message to young people who are now feeling lost, who are still finding their purpose, who doesn’t know what to do with their lives?

It is okay to make mistakes but try your best to learn and grow from it. It’s a cliché but experience truly is the best teacher. Allow yourself to be used by God and He will take you on an adventure you never imagined for yourself. Keep learning but enjoy the process.

What is your message to young people who wanted to serve but do not know how?

Ask questions. Most likely you want to serve but you don’t know how because you have unanswered questions in your heart that are keeping you from serving. “Be not afraid” – St. JP II

If you have a favorite Bible verse,  what is it and why.

Trust in the Lord forever.
(Isaiah 26:4 )

I always joke that this is my favorite Bible verse because it is short and easy to memorize but kidding aside, this sums up my life’s battle cry.