From Idea to Impact

Strategies for Creating Engaging Content on Social Media

JULY 29, 2023 | 2:00 PM | ONLINE

Learning Fee:  Php 350.00

What You Will Learn

Know your purpose on social media

Discover the “why” they want to be on social media and the desired Core message of their content

The importance of establishing an audience persona

Learn how to know and reach your target audience

Understanding the current algorithm

Learn and understand how the algorithm works on different social media platforms

How to make ideas into content

Learn how to establish an effective creative process

Who needs to attend this class?

This class is for Catholics who have the desire to utilize social media to share their advocacy, expertise, and/or faith. This will help them find clarity in their message and learn strategies for creating the right content and make content creation possible for them to do.

Meet your Coach

Crystha Shayne Funcion


Hello Hello!

I am a travel video content creator, and digital nomad. I create travel content that provides practical tips, guides, and inspiration to help Filipinos plan their dream trips without breaking the bank.

I help professionals and companies in enhancing their social media presence by offering trainings, workshops, and delivering content that elevates their brand visibility.

I am a nurse by profession but I left my job to be a missionary and youth minister for Couples Christ. I was a creative director for CFC Youth for Christ for 3 years. My experience as a creative director equipped me to pursue content creation after I resigned in 2020.

My passion for content creation is rooted in my desire to help people find joy in their lives because I went through a long journey of healing after my father died of suicide when I was 12 years old.

I honed my content creation skills through my participation in a fellowship program for Content Creators at Grab and Nas Academy. This intensive 6-month training program allowed me to refine my abilities, and as a result, I worked as a freelance content creator for Grab in 2022.

In my videos, I share stories about people, places, and my own travel experiences. I am on a mission to make traveling more possible and convenient for Filipinos.

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