An OMGs FREE Masterclass to Effective Social Media Management

What You Will Learn

Harness the power of social media to evangelize effectively and reach a wider audience

Create original and engaging content to reinforce your offline efforts and build your brand

Focus on content planning and research to tailor your messaging to your target audience

Balance active and passive marketing to create genuine and impactful content

Package your message effectively by considering the personality or character you want to portray

Tailoring your tone and content type to your audience

Our Focus

Evangelizing in the Online Platform

Why Online? It’s here to stay and nobody is stopping it from growing – fast. We have to utilize this gift and learn how to effectively put it in our arsenal.
  • Understanding Marketing & Evangelizing
  • Content Management
  • Tips and Tricks

Meet your Coach

Chrixy Saldivar

I’m Christine Paguirigan-Saldivar, a Journalist, Development Worker, and Digital Marketing Strategist (and an awesome wifey). My heart is set on capacitating and empowering remote partners to own their roles, meet their goals, and make them the rockstars that they are capable of becoming.

Creative Director

Copywriting & Content Creation

Digital Marketing Strategist & Specialists

Let’s Learn Together!